Inaugurated on December 28, 1991, Beto Carrero World is now the largest and most complete entertainment world in Latin America. Idealized by the artist and businessman João Batista Sérgio Murad, it is installed in 14 million square meters in one of the most beautiful regions of the Brazilian coast, bringing together in one place moments of great joy and fun for all ages. place with a diversity of attractions such as Beto Carrero World - a complete zoo, radical toys and family, incredible live shows besides train rides, cable car and lots of nature.
There are more than 100 incredible attractions, as well as a complete service structure, such as restaurants, snack bars, ice cream shops, coffee shops, Bradesco bank, valet parking, luggage storage, pharmacy, ambulatory, Griffe Beto Carrero Numerous souvenir shops.
The Park is located on the Beto Carrero Highway, Armação - Penha / SC - Brazil - just a few minutes from the main tourist cities of the state - 8 km from Navegantes International Airport, 112 km from Florianópolis (capital of SC), 35 km from Balneário Camboriú, 60 km from Blumenau and 86 km from Joinville.
8:30 AM - Box office are opened.
9 AM - Ratchets are opened.
9 AM to 6 PM - Running the Park (toys, zoo, shows and attractions in general)
7:30 PM - General closure of the park.

In the following link you will find the schedule:
In order to guarantee the best prices for the purchase of passports to access the Park, they must be purchased in advance on the day of the visit. Another option is to get the passport at the hotel, as the purchase is considered early. This way, the value remains the same as the anticipated sale.
Purchases by the site on the same day of the visit only at the box office value. So stay tuned to the information and enjoy the advantages of buying in advance the day of the visit. Children up to 3 years and 11 months do not pay the passport of access, upon proof with birth certificate or Original Identity Document. There are also differentiated values ​​from 04 to 09 years and from 60 years.

Shows that are included: Fast and Furious Show, Monga (15 minute presentations each), Madagascar Circus Show, Blum, The Dream of Cowboy. The following attractions are not included in the passport: Acqua Boat, Adventure Kids, Zen Space, Adventure Bubble, Games, Kart, Extreme Kids, Kids Drop, Super Cars, Karting, Helicopter Tour, Portal of Darkness, Excalibur ), Parking, Left-luggage storage, Electric and Baby Carts, Fast Pass, Guaranteed Access, Souvenirs and Food.
In your passport is included most of the attractions of the park, which is included:
Suspension Bridge, House of Mirrors, Hole of Treasures, Sailor's Tavern, Pirate Galleon, Pirate Ship, Lighthouse, Carousel, Baby Elephant, Pedal Boat, Big Wheel, Wacky Cups, Freeway, Kid Play, Horse World, Tigor Moutain, Germanic Bandstand, Castle of Nations, Betinho Carrero 4D, Venetian Carousel, Raskapuska Square, Roller Coaster Dum Dum, Pegasus Labyrinth, Cable Car, Indigenous Village, Cavalry, Fort Poplar, Giant Hat and Boot, Horse Riding, Pontoon and Horse Riding, Beto Carrero Memorial, Zoo, Monkey Island, Catwalk, Serpentarium, Madagascar Crazy River Adventure, Photos with Dream Works Characters, Shows (except Excalibur) and outpatient clinic.

Some of these options such as: Helicopter, Kart, Super Cars, Excalibur (show with lunch), Portal of Darkness, Fast Pass, and Guaranteed Access are available in our virtual shop in the "optional" tab. Already the others, can be purchased directly on the spot on the day of your visit. So that the visitor can know and enjoy all the attractions with more tranquility, the ideal is at least two days of visit to the park. Stitching one day to enjoy the toys and another to the shows.
Each toy has specific characteristics and technical standards to follow. The restrictions of each one must be respected, given the composition of the toy. For security reasons, the restrictions take into account the user's physical structure and health status at the moment. Therefore, we recommend that you ask information to monitor each toy or call Visitor Office (FVO).
People with disabilities and the elderly must be submitted to the monitors of toys and shows, which will give all necessary instructions for each
On rainy days Beto Carrero World works normally. In case of heavy rains or strong winds, for safety reasons, some attractions may stop temporarily. But do not worry, the Park offers other indoor attractions for you to enjoy.

Inside the Park there are establishments that accept credit and debit cards and others that accept only in kind. So stay tuned before making the purchase, make sure about the forms of payment. The Park accepts the Student Identification Card (CIE) every day of its operation. However, this should follow the only model nationally standardized, indicated by Federal Law 12.933 / 2013 Decree n ° 8537/2015 and the injunction issued in the ADI (direct action of unconstitutionality) No 5108 / DF.
The Student Identification Card should contain the following information:
The following information should be placed on the front of the card: student's full name and date of birth; recent student photo; educational institution (name of the institution, degree of education, name of the course - in the cases of technician, undergraduate and graduate); enrollment in the Teaching Institution; QR-Code; year. The back of the card must include the following information: student service number of the issuing entity; brand of the Certificate of Attribute according to the manual of the mark available; text containing: "Document nationally standardized according to Law n° 12.933 / 2013. Valid throughout the national territory until March 31 of the following year."

Beto Carrero World also offers FastPass; a quick access service to the most popular attractions. You buy an individual and non-transferable bracelet and is entitled to 16 special access in FireWhip attractions, Big Tower, Star Mountain, Betinho Carrero 4D, Crazy River, DinoMagic, Raskapuska and Auto Track, two hits a toy. This product has a limited sale and the purchase can be made in advance in the Virtual Store or with the Sales Center. For people over 60, it is not necessary to buy the Fast Pass, since they already have a preference in the queues of the toys. And for children under 1.20m accompanied by a person with the Fast Pass wristband, it is not necessary to purchase this product. If a Fast Pass attraction has suspended activities, for technical or climatic reasons, it is allowed to replace the numbering of this equipment with another that offers the service.
If you need the park, you should go to the luggage room and take out the temporary exit, and your return can take up to 20 minutes. There is no restriction on visiting Beto Carrero World with pets, however, to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride, it is important to use appropriate accessories to transport these animals. Bags that support the weight of the animal and strollers are examples of ease at the time of the ride. Owners should have local attention and concern regarding hygiene, safety and quiet. Depending on the size of the animal, leash must also be used. Remembering that in certain places he should stay in his lap, as in shows and food court. In case of restaurants with closed environment, we ask that you consult the rules of the establishment. In the toys, it is forbidden access with the pets, for safety reasons.

All cards should contain the QR-Code specification and plastic cards will not be accepted. The park also offers special conditions for groups.
In open park days, the birthday of the day does not pay the passport to access the Park, by presenting the identity with the original photo. The original birth certificate will only be accepted as a voucher for children under 12 years old.
On closed park days, the birthday party can come the day before or after the birthday of the park.

Beto Carrero offers baby carriages for hire, requiring the need to consult values ​​and payment methods directly on the premises, as well as the number of trolleys available. For those who have difficulty in getting around, the Park offers wheelchairs, which must be requested in the luggage storage, located after the Park access ratchet. The service is free, but in limited quantity. To withdraw, the visitor fills out a form and leaves $ 50.00 guarantee. At the end of the tour he returns the chair and takes the money back. Another option is the VIP scooter rental (motorized chair). Values ​​and forms of payment must be verified directly on the spot. Upon arrival at the Park, in front of the Castle of Nations, there is parking for motor vehicles, motorbikes and similar. The amount charged refers to the daily rate and may vary according to the mode of transportation.