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About Hotel
Vila Olaria Hotel is located next to the Beto Carrero World, in the city of Penha, north coast of Santa Catarina, which also has 19 beautiful beaches, as tourist attraction, and has a rich and varied gastronomy based on fish and Seafood. The name Vila Olaria is an homage to our old pottery. To those who worked on it, to the children who grew up there and to their founders: Ms. Maria and Mr. Pedro of the pottery.
Inaugurated as a German hostel, for staying in the back of the German House, the hotel began where today is our games room, meeting, staff room and warehouse. It had only 5 apartments.
The German hostel turns into Vila Olaria Hotel. A further 18 apartments are built: 17 used for guests and one to be served breakfast, with 22 apartments.
Year in which the adult and children's pools were built. The coffee shop and the reception were changed to the old home of the new owner.
Another 24 apartments are built and the former guesthouse has been transformed into a games room and storage room. Vila Olaria Hotel now has a playground and an outdoor area for sports.
This year the new kitchen and new reception were built.
During this period, Vila Olaria Hotel exchanges furniture in the apartments and replaces electronic devices with more modern models.
2007 2013
The Vila Olaria Hotel undergoes renovation due to safety standards, the construction of a tower for the water tank, change of parking, renovation of the balconies and the entrance and exit of cars.
2014 2015
The Vila Olaria Hotel receives the quality bronze seal from the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Penha (Ahorepe). In this same year the hotel is honored for having contributed to the growth and strengthening of Beto Carrero World Park.
The Vila Olaria Hotel receives the Beto Carrero World Sales Champion award in the hotel category, in the region SC Litoral 3.
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SC Brazil

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